Woodstock festival in 1969, unborn animals in the womb and ArcheAge

KovMi/ September 5, 2016/ Our Blog

This week OldPicz will represent you Woodstock – one of the biggest festivals of the 20th century in three parts (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). It was performed in August, 1969 in front of almost a half-million music enthusiasts joined together on a dairy farm in New York. The legendary Woodstock festival lasted 3 Days and it was an event of Peace & Music. There were 32 performers or groups, including the powerful works of Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Santana.

Continuing with music, here are some rare photos of the Beatles most significant concerts and also a short description of the ABBA group, honoring their work during the years that left a big mark in music industry. Music lovers, did you know that back in time going to a concert was cheaper than a mug of beer? Yep! A ticket for Elvis Presley’s performing was only $2! If you don’t believe us take a look at these retro rock posters of rock idols that will also bring you nostalgia of that time when money didn’t matter that much in the World.

Speaking of money, the things you can’t buy are most valuable, but people often don’t care about them. One of those valuable things is love. If you can buy love, than it’s not love, it’s just interest. To love someone doesn’t mean you have to buy big, expensive things to prove it because love is hidden in the details. Love is in the smallest things, people! And remember that small things are those who make big differences in the World, like these small, baby kittens that maybe can’t change the World, but they can change your World with bringing love into it every day! ParadoxOff this week is dedicated on love, because love makes everyone smile again. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these animals and birds kissing. Autumn is already here and you can’t wait for winter to come too? Sorry to increase your wish with these most beautiful winter towns in the World, but we had to share their magical beauty with you! Speaking of magic, we have 15 more tiny towns that are too good to be true, yet they are and we’ve collected them in one place so you can put them on your travel list with these places you should visit before you die. Except love and magic towns, the other thing that attracted our attention was the fish with transparent head named Barreleye. Its eyes are able to move inside its own head to look out in different directions, crazy right? It’s also crazy how unborn animals look in the womb too! You definitely have to check that out!

As a game of the week on Playing.Ninja we have ArcheAge! This game will take you into a huge fantasy world, where you can do whatever you want. Released by a very modern and famous studio XL Gamesta, it will give you the opportunity to plunge into a very realistic and research game world developed on a graphical game engine CryEngine 3. Have fun!

Love predominates on Lifehack.video too! Learn how to make your ex jealous and how to get him/her back or how to have safe sex with someone new on the way and how to enjoy a new relationship! See you next time folks! Until then, follow our work and enjoy it the way we do while working to amuse our faithful fans!