Weird inventions from the 20th century, two headed animals you haven’t seen and Total Domination

KovMi/ February 27, 2017/ Our Blog

The 20th century was marked by the many inventions that helped the entire world’s evolution to reach the level it’s reached today. But were all inventions productive and brilliant? Of course not. At least according to OldPicz these were the not so brilliant but weirdest inventions from the 20th century collected in two parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). And that’s not all. We also have these strange baby inventions from the 20th century as well and these inventions aren’t the end of humans imagination and attempt to achieve successful and accepted realization of their ideas. We also found these bizarre inventions from the Victorian era that will leave you speechless. Speaking of inventions, have you ever wondered who invented the first humanoid robot, the first helicopter, lie detector or the air conditioner? If yes, check out our revelation section and find out.

Somewhere we’ve read that if people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, they’d live a lot differently for sure. And after analyzing this sentence, we’ve realized that a big truth hides behind these wise words. That’s why in our first article of this week on ParadoxOff, we decided to ask you to join us while looking at the sky and getting lost in the stars from time to time when you’re having a bad day. Go outside, sit on the stairs or on the ground, chin up and let your eyes dance with the stars while you find yourself by loosing yourself. Meet us halfway? And who said you have to be normal to be beautiful? These two headed animals and two headed snakes are a living proof that we don’t have to be perfect to look beautiful. And if you still don’t believe us, these gorgeous one eyed cats and dogs will definitely prove our point. Travelers, have you ever visited these 15 most beautiful tunnels around the World?

Imagine that the world is totally destroyed and you should take it back piece by piece using your blaster and intelligence. You can do that with Total Domination, our game of the week. Its strong point is its amazing graphics and advanced player’s interface, which provides great options for customizing your weaponry and using its force to the most. What are you waiting for? The World is counting on you? Don’t let it down and visit Playing.Ninja to save it immediately.

Did you recently messed up your carpet with pouring your makeup on? If yes, Lifehack.Video will show you how to remove makeup from your carpet and also how to get rid of fleas if you have any at home. Speaking of home, in our same named section you can find many hacks on how to make your home a better place for you to live in. For example, we’ll teach you how to clean your oven properly, or how to make a secret door in your house. This and many more life hacks for you in our home and garden section. Enjoy our work until next Monday folks!