Vintage sexist ads, animals drinking beer and My Lands

KovMi/ March 27, 2017/ Our Blog

There’s a rule in the marketing world that says if don’t sell yourself alone on the market, no one is going to do it for you. Well, some of the ads definitely didn’t sell products in the past because many of them were offensive, and sexist. This week, OldPicz decided to dedicate its post in their honor. Just to show you how ads should NOT look like. First, we’ve got these disgusting soap ads showing us that people’s marketing skills weren’t so sophisticated and creative as they are today. However, that’s not all. Take a look at these vintage sexist ads that will make you glad you live in the 21 century. As you can see, most of the ads are referring to females. We also have these outrageous and offensive ads against women that will definitely make you wonder if they were contrived by marketing professionals or anti-feminists. However, although bad ads were more common, some of the ads were actually very good and are considered as the birth of professional advertising industry. As an example, we’ve got these Kodak advertises in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). After, you can check out the promotional photographs of Soviet cars also in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Do you know when were the nylon stockings invented and why they became so popular? In 1939 in New York City chemical company DuPont presented a new synthetic material – nylon. A year later, went on sale nylon stockings. Soon silk stockings disappeared after a powerful advertising campaign. This brings us to the beginning when we stated that if you don’t sell yourself on the market, no one is going to do it for you. Enough of the history, let’s jump on our ParadoxOff Planet and show you what we’ve prepared for your amusement this week.

We’ve seen animals doing everything and this was the only thing missing on the list of what they can do. They did some inappropriate things, acted like humans, exercised, got married, and even proved they can read books, or at least hold the books just to look cute. Now it’s time we see how they drink beer and wonder if we’re the only creatures on Earth that love alcohol. After, check out our next post but be careful. We’ve got some very cute pictures of adorable Oreo kittens over there. Speaking of kittens, have you heard of this husky brought up by cats that quite seriously believes that she’s a cat herself?

My Lands is our game of the week on Playing.Ninja. It’s a good resource-mining game that requires great strategy thinking skills and much patience. Its interface is rather friendly, so any player will soon become a master of medieval city administration. Good luck.

LifeHack.Video definitely knows HOW TO do everything in life. We’ll teach you how to reinvent yourself first. Later, you’re going to learn how to get EVERYTHING you want and how to exercise your brain. And cheer up dude. Bad times don’t last forever. Neither do good times. Nothing lasts forever. See you next time, same websites but different interesting stories.