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If you search for “internet advertising” or “website promotion” keywords in the net, you already deal with web marketing. What you see in the internet, depends on how much efforts people working over a website applied.

KovMi Web Development and Marketing Agency will save your efforts on your website promotion and its adjustment on better search engine ranking.

That’s what your website will do when KovMi works with it: be highly informative and be well ranked.

Web Development

  • We will build a commercial website and its mobile version that will reflect your business needs and aims;
  • We will create unique design for your new website making it look user friendly;
  • We will take care of your website update: write new content, including professionally written blog posts an articles;
  • We will monitor effectiveness on any activity performed on your website and make it more effective.

Web Marketing

  • We will make market survey and analyze your competitors;
  • We will define your target audience;
  • We will build a web advertising and SEO strategy based on your product or service features, using organic promotion tools;
  • We will boost up your presence in social media.

International Marketing

  • We will locate new web markets for your products or services;
  •  We will make your business more visible around the world and find investors for you;
  •  We will increase your sales rates due to expanded audience and higher conversion rate;
  •  We will adjust your internet marketing strategy taking into account new trends and surveys performed by our experts.

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