The sanitation strike ‘I’m a man’ in 1968, animals taking selfies and Air Rivals

KovMi/ March 6, 2017/ Our Blog

If it wasn’t for the brave, kind and open minded people, this world would be a very cold and cruel place to live in. Speaking of brave and unstoppable people, I can’t stop myself from mentioning Dr. Martin Luther King, the famous leader and activist of the Civil Rights Movement. People like him never die because they always live in the memory and heart of those who respected and admired them. One of the most remarkable revolutions he participated in was ‘I’M A MAN’, which was also his last one in 1968, because he was assassinated few days later on 4th March in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the speeches he will be remembered for is the one known as ‘I have a dream’ held on 28th August in 1963. Martin received a Nobel Peace Prize at 35 years of age which made him the youngest person ever to receive the award. We’re sure you already know what we are going to represent on OldPicz this week after mentioning King. That’s right, revolutions. We’ll start with the Mexican Revolution in 1910-1920 that resulted ultimately with the end of the 30-year dictatorship in Mexico and the establishment of a constitutional republic. We continued with the Russian Revolution in 1917 which resulted with creating the Russian SFSR and the Chinese people during their cultural revolution from 1966-1976. This Cultural Revolution resulted in the mass murder of 8 million people. Last on the list but not less important, we have the Bolivian Revolution in 1952 that denied the victory of the presidential elections in 1951 and lead a successful revolution a year later against the government which ended successfully in 1964. Remember the legendary political activist, who gave his life for the downfall of imperialism and the establishment of socialism? That’s right, Che Guevara and some rare photos of his childhood before we say goodbye from our history corner and hello after landing on our ParadoxOff Planet.

If you’re an animal lover and still haven’t heard of Allan Dixon, we can assure you that after seeing his selfies with animals, you’re definitely going to adore this guy from Australia. He calls himself the animal whisperer travels a lot and makes these insanely adorable selfies with animals that get on his way. Speaking of selfies, check out these cute animals taking selfies. Okay, maybe they’re not doing it alone but it’s worth taking a look for a good laugh. Have you ever been to Romania? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. Did you know that Vlad Dracula, the Voivode of Wallachia who killed over 40.000 lived in one of the cities of this country back in 1448? That city is Sighisoara, a small charming place located in the heart of Romania, covering the historic region of the country with a population of 28,102 according to the 2011 census. If this wasn’t enough convincing for you to pack your bags and travel this place, we’ll give you 7 more reasons why you MUST visit this city as soon as possible. After, you can also check this abandoned casino on the Black Sea which was a pas attraction to rich people. Creepy yet intriguing, but definitely a tourist attraction worth your time.

Combining intuitively understandable client interface with exciting game play and wide social possibilities, our game of the week «Air Rivals» provide one of the best MMO gaming experiences of our days. Why are you still not in a cockpit?

This week Lifehack.Video has very useful hacks that will definitely ease your life as always. We’ll show you how to NOT always tell your child what to do, of course if you want to grow a young independent person who’s going to be able to make decisions without you someday. After, we’ll show you how to fall asleep fast if you’re facing insomnia, how to ask a girl out (yep, IT WORKS) and how to hide your money in places not even a professional thief could think of checking out. And remember, don’t survive but live. Today, right now, listen to your dreams because they know the path towards happiness, follow them. Until next week folks.