People and their exotic pets during history, pit bulls and cats hanging around and War game 1942

KovMi/ March 14, 2017/ Our Blog

After doing a little research about famous suicides during the 20th century, we concluded that intelligent minded people are more prone to commit suicide than normal average people. Curt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway and Vincent Van Gogh were only few of many who decided to leave this World although they never really left because we will always remember them by their inspirational work. While we’re at famous people, check out these famous and pregnant women during 20th century. One of them is Marilyn Monroe. The starlet’s biggest wish was to have a baby but that wish never came true. Marilyn was pregnant three times, and unfortunately had three miscarriages while married with Arthur Miller during the 50’s. The first happened in 1957. Yet Marilyn never gave up on her wish until the day she committed ‘suicide‘. Are you an animal lover? If yes, then you’re definitely not a bigger one than these people who’ve kept exotic animals as pets. Not only were the people from the previous century braver but weirder too. Check out these celebrities ‘caught’ while doing some strange things. We promise that you will be surprised after. As we always remember to mention, the 20th century was also a war period, and who can forget about World War 2? We can’t and that’s why this week on OldPicz we’ve made a collection of World War 2 soldiers saying goodbye to their children in two parts (Part 1, Part 2).

Do you remember Rebecca Bathory, the British photographer that loves photographing abandoned places all over the World? Today we’ve made a sequel of the creepy beauty of abandoned places. The photos are masterpieces made by Rebecca, and because of her unique work, she has over 100,000 followers on the social networks who admire her passion for the ‘Orphans of Time’, as she calls the abandoned places. Speaking of art, this week on ParadoxOff we’ve made a little collection of unusual painting that will make you look twice. Their paintings are so confusing that if you look at them once, you won’t be able to take your eyes off trying to reveal their real meaning. Animal lovers, we have some questions for you. Do you get scared when you see a pit bull on the streets? Or keep imagining a bad angry dog when hearing its name? If yes, then you have a wrong perception about these dogs. They’re not aggressive. In fact, no animal is aggressive unless people train them to be. Please, don’t blame it on the pit bulls, before blaming humans first. By the way, check out these photos of pit bulls hanging around with cats. You’ll be surprised how much they love each other.

War game 1942 is our game of the week on Playing.Ninja. It’s a strategy game that lets you explore the world map set in the times of one of the most outstanding wars in the century — World War II. You are going to take an important role of a troop’s commander. Still, there are no blood, deaths and shooting depicted on the screen: this game is much more about resource management than about a combat process itself. was focused on helping you around the kitchen this week. We’ve prepared some hacks on how to peel potatoes faster, how to make a healthy vegetable soup or black bean soup, how to cook an egg in a potato and many more hacks about cooking in our food section.