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Current era of time is a century of digital technologies and total gamification. A new generation raised on World of Warcraft are already grown-ups. The next generation is coming — generation of those who’ve never used a mouse and a keyboard to play a videogame. Just fingers and gestures.

We don’t want these good times of computer gaming to pass away, that’s why we’ve created Playing.Ninja project. Basically it is oriented on teens: we would really like to show them the world of oldschool gaming.

We know that a market of browser and client-based games to be played on a full-featured computer is exaggerated. It leads to a problem of good content search. In Playing Ninja project we are going to publish only games proved by experts and active users.

We hope Playing.Ninja to become a trustworthy resource for exploring the world of computer video games and a communication platform for teens.




We definitely like the gamers’ world.

These are people highly involved into anything related to technology, IT, devices, latest innovations in the virtual reality sphere; and, sure, they do love their gaming stations.

We decided to help them decorate their desktops with images and art pieces they give their hearts to and launched a gaming wallpapers project: http://wlp.ninja/. We know that most gamers prefer high quality hardware and are always on the bleeding edge of tech specs, that’s why our aim was to build a collection of wallpapers of highest resolution possible: Full HD, Quad HD and 5K. The fact is that there are not so many images of such resolution available by now, and to search for them is quite a laborious task.

We took this responsibility, dug for the highest quality art related to the most popular games and classified them into several categories. Website also automatically detects a visitor’s screen resolution. Thus, we’ve got a simple, minimalistic but user-friendly service. We hope it helps gaming audience find any wallpaper they need.


Old Picz  For the history lovers


Let us introduce you to our new site devoted to historical photographs; history is around us, in the things we’ve got used to; in old photograps and granny’s wardrobe. Oldpicz.com will give our readers a chance to take a closer look on history.

These photos are the silent witnesses of a variety of events. They give us opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of past eras that will never happen again (unless we invent a time machine).

The purpose of the site is to give free access to the photographs of the First and Second World Wars and other events of the XIXth and XXth centuries collected due to the efforts of enthusiasts.

Our interest in the military history in photos is not limited to large-scale events like World Wars. In the section “Photo of the Day” we publish photos of historical events occurred this day, so you can learn useful information about our history daily.

We’ll give our best efforts to further develop this historical project; you are welcome to Oldpicz.com, enjoy it!


LifeHack.Video - We know how to...


Life is short and many people don’t pay a lot attention on this realistic fact thinking they’re going to live forever. We know that imagining how life it’s going to end one day is disturbing. Also, realising that we don’t have a full control over our body and keep it young and functional forever, it sometimes makes us angry and helpless. But what about the time we spent on this Earth? We can control the time and you can control your time too! You can use it for making yourself happy and also make your family, friends, partner or pets happy, you can use it for travel, driving, riding, diving, learning, eating, drinking, sleeping and a lot more things you can allow yourself doing while you’re staying in the hotel with five stars called World. But be careful, if you don’t use it right, it may pass faster on things you don’t like doing, or things you like doing but you are doing them on the slower way. We say slower, because there is a shorter way to do ANYTHING! And Lifehack.video will expose you all of the hacks you can use to improve your life. We are life hackers who will teach you how to hack everything connected to Activity, Art, Beauty, Family, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Health, Relationships, Home and Garden, Pets, Study, Jokes, Solutions and Success! If you don’t know how to run faster, how to paint realistic bullet in your hand, how to make your family happier, how to make your own dress, how to pack for travel, hot to save your choking dog, or how to bring your ex back, we are here for you! And not just this, we have a hack for everything! Today life hackers are very popular and followed because of their will to help people do everything the easier way and we are here to follow them too and represent to you their latest, most famous videos who have helped millions around the World. We know How To – everything! On our website you can find thousands of hacks that will attract you attention for sure if you want to become a life hacker. And believe us, you won’t regret!

We cover a wide range of different topics such as: Activity, Art, Beauty, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Home and garden, Jokes, Productivity, Relationships, Solutions, Study, Success, Tech and Travel.

LifeHack.Video is the territory of rest for the eyes, brain, body and soul. Everyone can spend their time with pleasure and benefit.

We know how to…


Footballpicz.com - The best photos from the football history


If you love history and football, you’re at the right place! Welcome to FootbalPicz.com! Our name reveals that we collect pictures related to football’s history. When we say history, we refer to all the remarkable moments in football from 19th century till today. Here you can find the pictures showing the best moments that are remembered by the millions of fans around the World, as well as unique images that you may see for the first time. People change, but photographs are forever. This motto and our love for football are the main reason we’ve dedicated ourselves maintaining this kind of website. When we say that people change, we refer to getting old, getting retired, or getting forgotten. Because of these reasons, keeping all the precious and unrepeatable moments captured on pictures is like a little treasure that may not keep your wallet happy, but will keep your heart happy for sure. Imagine how fans of some football players would feel, seeing rare, old photographs from their idol on our website and remember the good old times? How would you feel? Unexplainable! And that’s why we live and work for! To bring back history in its old glory! Football is one of the oldest games in the World. Various forms of football can be identified in history, often as popular peasant games. Contemporary codes of football can be traced back to the codification of these games at English public schools during the nineteenth century. The first professional football club was founded also in England, as well as the world’s oldest football tournament – FA Cup. In 1904 in Paris, was founded FIFA – world football organization, which originally consisted of only 7 countries.

My mother asked me once, why do I watch football. “Those are just fools running in a closed space and trying to catch a ball. I think that this is the foolish game ever.” she said. Then I asked myself, how can she not see the magic in this sport? Players have strategies and their own remarkable moves we football lovers admire while they’re “dancing” with the ball. How can she not see the happiness and pride we feel when our team scores or the euphoric cheering of the crowd? All of these emotions and people from different counties gathered in that closed space my mom mentioned before. Touching moments! Enough of my mother! If you visited our website, I am sure you don’t have the same perception of football as she ahs, so please enjoy digging into it. We are sure that you will find a treasure can’t be measured in money, but in precious moments we will never forget!

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