Nude Marilyn Monroe, two-legged happy dogs and War tune

KovMi/ April 18, 2017/ Our Blog

Marilyn Monroe. Just mentioning her name reminds us of glory, beauty, and sexiness. A woman like her is born once in hundred years, we all know that. However, have we ever asked ourselves who was she really? What was hidden behind her porcelain smile? She always seemed happy under the flashlights, but was she really happy? Did she have everything she ever wanted when she became famous and successful? This week, on OldPicz, we’ve decided to present you some of Marilyn Monroe’s rare childhood photos so you can get to know her better. She was a cute baby, wasn’t she? After, you can see her transformation into a beautiful young woman when she was photographed on her first photo shoot. Later, compare the eyes of that young lady with the eyes of the grown up woman she became while shooting her last photo session. In meanwhile, have you ever wondered how she looked undressed? Did you know that Marilyn always wanted to become a mother but she never got the chance to raise her own child because of the many miscarriages she suffered? She didn’t have much luck with men in her life either. Three divorces during her lifetime are enough to prove of that. Her last one with Kennedy’s brothers was the one that put an end to her life, as many assume. You can read more about it here. Have you ever heard of Bobbie, the wonder dog that traveled 2,551 miles just to find his owners again? As many like to say, animals are an example of how a real friend should look like. Unfortunately, people are always less loyal than animals, especially dogs and that’s why some of us enjoy the company of an animal more than the company of humans. In their honor, check out these cute vintage photos of baby animals. For the end, we’ll take you back in the Victorian Era and show you how an ordinary day during that period looked like. Yep, we’re always here to keep you updated with the ‘new’ old stuff. See you on our ParadoxOff Planet.

Our intent on our little planet is to always keep you entertained and relaxed with the latest and most unusual stuff related to everything you can think of. This week we’ve prepared some cute images of animals that are trying to take photos. They will definitely make you smile and keep the good spirit for a while. After, you can check out these rare flowers you haven’t seen before and rest your eyes. If you expected something more than flowers and animals, check out the most beautiful caves in the world and remember, if your passport photo matches your current face condition, then it’s time you pack tour bags and remember one of these caves. Life is simple but we people always complicate everything. Next time you feel like you’re the most unhappy person on Earth, just take a look at the happiest two-legged dogs ever. Their shortage couldn’t take the smile of their face. Learn from them. And who needs kids when we have pets? Did you know that three of ten couples chose to raise a pet instead of a child, according to statistics? Feel free to check out all our sections on ParadoxOff and when you’re finished with exploring our planet, feel free to land on Playing.Ninja and check out our game of the week.

If you miss the happy moments of your childhood and can’t suppress tears when seeing an old good retro graphics, then Wartune is a perfect game for you. Enjoy clearly drawn personages and fierce battles with our game of the week and move to LifeHack.Video to learn some cool hacks after.

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again. If it wasn’t for art, this world would be a very boring place to live in. In honor to that, we’ll teach you some art hacks this week. This is how you draw bullet hole in your hand. After, see how to decorate your coffee cup or how to create your own sound. Have you found your passion in life yet? If not, we’ll show you how to do that too. For more art hacks, check out our art section. Until next time folks.