The first supermodel, Steve Irwin’s most dangerous moments in the wild and Shards of War

KovMi/ April 10, 2017/ Our Blog

Coco Chanel once said: ‘Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway’. We historians would define it differently: ‘Every day is a history and the world is the one writing it. Fashion only makes everything look more sophisticated.’ However, history wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for fashion and it’s evolution of trends in the past, especially during the 20th century. Many of the ‘big fashion changes’ happened exactly in this century. Although the first supermodel, the Countess di Castiglione, Virginia Oldoini was born and started her career during the 19th century, the real beginnings of fashion occurred during the next century, starting with London’s street style from 1905-1908. Photographer Edward Linley Sambourne captured images of the casual side of Edwardian fashion on the streets of London back then. However, fashion for women during the 20’s definitely showed progress, especially french fashion. According to Europe, woman’s fashion of the 1940’s became very popular. Speaking of popular, check out what was ‘trendy’ to students in 1953 and how did beach costumes looked like back then. After, you can check out the beach fashion in Florida and learn what means being really cool thanks to the real masters of old school style. Have you ever wondered what hairstyles were popular in 1960’s? Or how students dressed in South California in the late 1960’s? Did you know that Audrey Hepburn was considered as a remarkable fashion icon during the 60’s and 70’s? Probably not, but now you have the chance to learn something new and interesting and OldPicz is always here to inform you about the ‘new’ old stuff. However, when you’re done digging in our fashion history, land on ParadoxOff and let’s get the party started.

We always keep you updated with the latest interesting and unusual news on our planet and this week won’t be an exception. For start, we’ll introduce to you the most famous albino twins, Lara and Mara. They’re both only 11 years old and yet succeed to conquer the fashion world with their uniqueness. Speaking of uniqueness, have you heard of ‘The crocodile hunter’? If you haven’t, sure you’ll remember once we mention his name: Steve Irwin, the famous adventurist known as a nature expert and public figure. We’ve collected his most dangerous moments in the wild only for your amusement. You’re welcome. Enjoy and admire. If you’re addicted to danger and adrenaline like Steve was, why don’t you visit these top 10 most dangerous city in the World? Or climb the top 10 highest mountains? For more interesting travel destination, check out our travel section. For end, check out these beautiful out-of-focus portraits by Paolo Raeli, a 21-year-old Italian-Danish self-taught photographer who will definitely impress you with his work.

As a game of the week on Playing.Ninja, we’ve picked Shards of War. Graphics and well-developed characters are undeniable merits of the game. If you want to play something addictive, interesting and popular, this is it. Elves, goblins and dragons, mutants and aliens, Shards of War have it all.

Have you checked our jokes section on LifeHack.Video? So what if April Fool’s Day has passed? We’ll show you how to make magic jokes, how to prank on your classrooms, how to put a condom on your head (not the one you’re thinking of), how to make a cloud with your mouth and how to put a pencil in your head. Have fun and don’t forget to visit us next week. Same websites, different and more interesting stuff.