Tortures during the Algerian war, 22 amazing facts you didn’t know about bears and Animal Jam

KovMi/ February 21, 2017/ Our Blog

When we speak of history, we can’t leave aside the blood spilling and brutal killings during the centuries. This week on OldPicz we’ve prepared some horrifying photos from tortures during the Algerian war in honor to the Algerian people tortured by French soldiers back in 1954-1965. Also known as the Algerian War of Independence or the Algerian Revolution led Algeria gaining

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Cats in World War 1, animals exercising and Vindictus

KovMi/ February 13, 2017/ Our Blog

This week we’ve dedicated ourselves on extraordinary people and events that marked history and definitely earned the place in our revelation section on OldPicz. We’re sure you already heard of the person who refused to give the Nazi salute in 1963 but we’re also sure that you don’t really know who that person was. Meet August Landmesser, the man admired by

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Some of vintage Coca-Cola posters, underwater hotel in Dubai and Astro Lords

KovMi/ January 23, 2017/ Our Blog

We started the week with vintage Coca-Cola posters that will definitely bring you back in time and make you feel nostalgic after seeing how something so popular today grew during the centuries! We say centuries because Coca-Cola is a brand old approximately 131 years. This legendary drink was invented in Atlanta, 1886 by the pharmacist John Pemberton, a former US

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French Prostitutes from the 1930’s, animals with great self-control and Big Farm

KovMi/ January 16, 2017/ Our Blog

As a website for history, OldPicz decided to write about the oldest historical occupation in the world and that’s prostitution. Prostitution is not something new but a profession which dates back for centuries. Prostitution in 19th century during the Victorian Era was very popular activity called “The Great Social Evil”. Only in London there were 50.000 prostitutes and by 1851 census

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Jean Philippe Carbonnier’s humanist photographs, homeless people and their pets and Erebus 2

KovMi/ January 9, 2017/ Our Blog

Photographers are most deserving of perpetuation of historical events because if it wasn’t for them, we would never know how things looked like during the past! That’s why this week on OldPicz we’ll honor the work of one of the most famous photographers during the 20th century – Jean Philippe Carbonnier! He was a French photographer most known for his

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Nikola Tesla young, winter paradises on Earth and Rainbow Saga

KovMi/ January 2, 2017/ Our Blog

OldPicz was dedicated on the greatest inventor of all times during the week – Nikola Tesla! He’s the reason why you have electricity now and that needs to be respected! We’ve made a collection of him while he was young, and was one of five children in his family. The Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist he was

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Ann Hodges, the woman hit by a meteorite in 1954, animals posing for the camera and 4 Story

KovMi/ December 19, 2016/ Our Blog

Those who don’t believe in miracle, never experience one! Ann Hodges, the woman hit by a meteorite definitely believed in miracles because after the accident in 1954, although her hip and hand were swollen, there was no serious damage after. This accident left mark in history because she’s the only human who experienced this kind of injury and still survived.

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