Vintage sexist ads, animals drinking beer and My Lands

KovMi/ March 27, 2017/ Our Blog/

There’s a rule in the marketing world that says if don’t sell yourself alone on the market, no one is going to do it for you. Well, some of the ads definitely didn’t sell products in the past because many of them were offensive, and sexist. This week, OldPicz decided to dedicate its post in their honor. Just to show

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Architecture in Soviet Union, 1940’s, 11 Surprising facts you didn’t know about wolfs and Under Control

KovMi/ March 20, 2017/ Our Blog/

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the Soviet Union, was founded on December 30th, 1922. The Soviet Union was an existing socialist state in Eurasia from 1922 to 1991. The Union’s capital was in Moscow, and this state had roots in the October Revolution of 1917. This week we’ve focused on informing you more about Soviet Union because

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People and their exotic pets during history, pit bulls and cats hanging around and War game 1942

KovMi/ March 14, 2017/ Our Blog/

After doing a little research about famous suicides during the 20th century, we concluded that intelligent minded people are more prone to commit suicide than normal average people. Curt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway and Vincent Van Gogh were only few of many who decided to leave this World although they never really left because we will always remember them by their

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Weird inventions from the 20th century, two headed animals you haven’t seen and Total Domination

KovMi/ February 27, 2017/ Our Blog/

The 20th century was marked by the many inventions that helped the entire world’s evolution to reach the level it’s reached today. But were all inventions productive and brilliant? Of course not. At least according to OldPicz these were the not so brilliant but weirdest inventions from the 20th century collected in two parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part

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Tortures during the Algerian war, 22 amazing facts you didn’t know about bears and Animal Jam

KovMi/ February 21, 2017/ Our Blog/

When we speak of history, we can’t leave aside the blood spilling and brutal killings during the centuries. This week on OldPicz we’ve prepared some horrifying photos from tortures during the Algerian war in honor to the Algerian people tortured by French soldiers back in 1954-1965. Also known as the Algerian War of Independence or the Algerian Revolution led Algeria gaining

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Cats in World War 1, animals exercising and Vindictus

KovMi/ February 13, 2017/ Our Blog/

This week we’ve dedicated ourselves on extraordinary people and events that marked history and definitely earned the place in our revelation section on OldPicz. We’re sure you already heard of the person who refused to give the Nazi salute in 1963 but we’re also sure that you don’t really know who that person was. Meet August Landmesser, the man admired by

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Some of vintage Coca-Cola posters, underwater hotel in Dubai and Astro Lords

KovMi/ January 23, 2017/ Our Blog/

We started the week with vintage Coca-Cola posters that will definitely bring you back in time and make you feel nostalgic after seeing how something so popular today grew during the centuries! We say centuries because Coca-Cola is a brand old approximately 131 years. This legendary drink was invented in Atlanta, 1886 by the pharmacist John Pemberton, a former US

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