Adolf Hitler as a child, the pony island in Britain and Goalunited

KovMi/ October 10, 2016/ Our Blog

This week on OldPicz, we’ll represent you the life of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, the most powerful and infamous dictator of the 20th century. As a child, Hitler liked drawing and he’s paintings and drawings were put on an auction in Nuremberg, Germany. As a budding young artist, Hitler studied at the Vienna Academy of Art, but was expelled. He continued to write, and copy images from postcards, which he sold to tourists. But somehow he changed and instead of continuing his art career, Hitler decided to kill six million Jews in the biggest genocide called the Holocaust in 1933. The exact year he also became the Chancellor of Germany.

It is funny how before it was moved, the wax statue of Hitler in museum Madame Tussauds in London was placed on the stairs, considering the fact that the floors in the museum were divided, one floor for the bad and other for good historical characters. This makes us wonder, did Hitler really deserves to be positioned in the middle? Many said that he may be homosexual and his relationship with Eva Braun proved those rumors weren’t true. But Braun wasn’t the only love in Hitler’s life. He lived with his eternal love, half-niece Geli Raubal in Munich from 1929 until her death. In 1931, she committed suicide with Hitler’s pistol. After this relationship, he began seeing Eva Braun. We can’t deny that he had a stressful life and maybe that contributed his decision to commit suicide in 1945, even if many say that he faked his death and lived in Argentina after.

We have some interesting posts on ParadoxOff this week that will surely attract your attention and one of them is this pony island in Britain with over hundreds of stuffed ponies waiting for your arrival! If you’re a snake lover, you should check these top 10 most colorful snakes. For the others who aren’t we know that you consider snakes as one of the most dangerous creatures, but have you ever stopped in front of a snake and observe her beauty? Speaking of beauty, have you noticed how much beauty hides behind the rays of the morning light or poured wine? And what about the beauty of these abandoned houses? Enough of the good art, let’s talk about bad art represented in the Museum of bad art in Dedham, Massachusetts.This is the World’s only Museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and this kind of art will teach you that in every bad there is always something good!

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Do you have a dog? If yes, on we’ll show you how to make it happy and how to communicate with your pets! We will also teach you how to save your dog from choking and how to make him a house for the cold days coming! Until next time, learn how to make yourself an energy drink and enjoy!